Very clean water

/ March 23, 2018

We keep our water very clean because we want to wash your car with the cleaniest water possible. Any other detailer would not even go this far.

Raptor SEMA Las Vegas

/ March 23, 2018

We had a client come in from Houston Texas for us to get his truck ready for sema show. We did a full paint correction and ceramic nano coated it with our SB3 CERAMIC COATINGS at our shop in Lafayette Louisiana. We also took off the black plastics on the interior,corrected it and ceramic coated them before replacing in truck.

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Black corvette

/ March 16, 2018

Well,this ome took us 4 days to restore. We had to wetsand,paint correction,ceramic coating. Worn out on this one. Give us a call for ceramic coating in Lafayette,La.


/ March 14, 2018

We are doing a ceramic nano coating on this Ford Raptor for the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Updates to come at the end of the week. #ceramiccoatinglafayettela #ceramiccoating #ceramiccoatinglouisiana

Paint correction

/ March 11, 2018

Purple passion

/ March 11, 2018

We restored the paint finish on this Challenger and ceramic nano coated all surfaces including nano coating the interior surfaces. We all want to keep our new cars looking new as long as we can. Our coatings will do just that. Give us a call or come by the shop.

Black beauty

/ March 10, 2018

We wrapped up on this 3 day project with a full paint correction,and sb3 ceramic nano coating at our shop in Lafayette,La. This truck was full of scratches and marring. This is extremely important to get the surfaces right prior to applying the ceramic coatings. Give us a call to schedule yours. 337 326 9790 #ceramicpro #ceramicprolafayettela #ceramicnanocoating #ceramiccoatinglafayettela

Black beauty beast

/ March 7, 2018

We have this Denali in for correction and ceramic nano coating. Scratches are very bad,so we will have some fun on this one. Stay tuned. #ceramiccoatinglafayettela #ceramicnanocoatinglafayettela #autodetailinglafayettela #carwashlafayettela #cardetailshopslafayettela

Purple power

/ March 6, 2018

Another Hellcat is in the shop to Ceramic nano coat. We will be doing a full paint correction,ppf coating on the hood,and ceramic coating with SB3 ceramic coatings. We also will be adding protection on the interior with our nano coatings. #ceramiccoatinglafayettela #youngsville #broussardla #louisiana #autodetailinglafayettela #carwashlafayettelouisiana #timesaverdetail


/ March 1, 2018