Pearl beast

/ February 15, 2018

We are getting this f250 prepped and ready for our SB3 ceramic nano coating at our shop in Lafayette Louisiana. This will take us 2.5 days to complete. Ceramics on the whole exterior and full interior nano coatings. #autodetaillafayettela #carwashlafayettela #ceramiccoatinglafayettela #lafayettela #broussardla #carencro #lakecharles #sulphurla #cypremortpoint #cameronla #beaumont #abbevillela #newiberia #youngsvillela

Mardi Gras Lamborghini

/ February 14, 2018

Well,she is here. We will be doing a decon bath,paint restore and full interior and exterior ceramic nano coating at our shop in Lafayette,La. Stay tuned for updates. #autodetaillafayettela #carwashlafayettela #ceramiccoatinglafayettela #ceramiccoatinglouisiana

Silver stallion

/ February 11, 2018

Well,we wrapped up our rainy week with this beauty. 3 days on this one to fully restore to like new condition and to finish off with the industries top ceramic coatings. Fully protected with these very coatings inside and out. #autodetaillafayettela #ceramicprolouisiana #sb3coating #lafayettela #louisiana #broussardla #carencro #bunkiela #opelousas #eunicela #cajundome #threemilelake #youngsvillela #crowleyla #lakecharles

Ruby wine Mustang

/ February 10, 2018

Decon,wash,paint correction,full ceramic nano coating performed at our shop in Lafayette,La. 13 years of experience in full time detailing 337 326 9790

/ February 10, 2018

This 2014 Corvette took us 3 days from start to finish. We did a really good decon,paint correction,restored plastics,glass,chrome,etc.The car was then prepped and coated with our SB3 ceramic nano coatings.The interior was thoroughly detailed and fully nano coated with the SB3 nano interior coatings also.We would love the opportunity to take care of your vehicle also. Give us a

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/ February 7, 2018

Ceramic nano coatings are formulated to perserve the newness of your vehicle,help with easy maintenance,and have a 24/7 just wax and detailed look. The process takes roughly 35 hours to complete at our shop in Lafayette,La. Give us a call today 337 326 9790

Corvette in for restore and ceramic nano coating

/ February 6, 2018

First vehicle in for ceramic nano coating. We will be performing a full restore and paint correction to get this bad boy looking new again. Will probably be a 35 hr. Process Will be posting updates to our blog. Stay tuned. #autodetailinglafayettela #carwashlafayettela

Detailing Services is Important !

/ January 28, 2018

Compounding Sealers Waxes Silicone engine protectant Upholstery cleaning Upholstery protectant Metal polishing Rust removal Stain removal

We Do Car Protection

/ January 28, 2018

Protect your investment Exterior Paint Protection Polymer and nano sealers Full interior sealers for leather, vinyl, plastics and all interior fabrics Sealers maintain the new look Protection from spills UV protection Guards from discoloration